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Report of Hypoplectrus randallorum (Pisces: Serranidae) in cuban waters

Miraysis Noda Redonet, Pedro P. Chevalier Monteagudo, Mileidy Soto Vázquez, Yusimí Alfonso Sánchez, Lisset Morales Hernández


The species Hypoplectrus randallorum is registered for Cuba for the first time and the list of species of this genus is updated. Although there are photographic evidence and ecologi- cal data of the presence of Hypoplectrus randallorum Lobel, 2011, in three locations in the Cuban archipelago, there were no reference specimens in scientific collections from Cuba. A specimen of H. randallorum was captured on the coast of Havana in spur and groove coral reef at a depth of 18 meters. A brief description of the specimen is presented.


scientific collections, Cuba, species, reef fish, taxonomy


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